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Written by Candice   
Monday, 07 April 2014 00:00
I love to watch myself in the mirror when a yummy smelling guy is on top. MMMM, but for some reason they always like to smack my ass. Now when I look in the mirror at your hard ass, I have to just slap it! I guess it's that sound of flesh...its crazy! Sometimes it turns into a playful game of tag, rolling from one side of my huge bed to the other. And boy with the heat in Las Vegas it's hard to cool off.! Some guys think I'm a tuff piece of Candy but when you get to know me I am the sweetest girl you'll meet at Las Vegas escorts.

When you come to town to visit for a nice long weekend, maybe you're here for work or just to have fun, well don't forget to take a break for yourself. Let's have a nice long dinner, maybe a glass of wine, and if you're good I'll let you smack my ass. Escorts in Las Vegas love when I tell them my crazy tag stories!

Give me a call and find out! 702-478-1555

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Guys always tell me they always dreamed to go out with a girl names Candy. I am as close as you can get but I am just a little sweeter! You should see my two sisters, they are like the finest white chocolate! If you need a sweet girl on your trip to Las Vegas, give me a call at Las Vegas Escorts and I will come from the candy factory to your room!

Are you coming into town for a UFC or Ultimate fighting event? I love to fight (especially in the bed, lol). I have a very mean ground game and can have you tapping out in one 15 minute round! LOL. Lets knock each other out! Can you kick my ass?


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Really? If I only knew this years ago!
I would have called then. When I thought I would be alone for the weekend, I never knew I could have a hottie like you. OMG, I will never forget those words you said to me.

Thank god you're in Vegas!
If I could have this experience in my normal life I would be addicted. You made everything so easy, I have to come back and do this again with you.

I never knew what fun was.
Until I called, I had no idea I could have this experience and fun. My life is complete. I am a changed person. I will be back next month.

Three is NOT a crowd
"...OMG! Are you kidding me? Right out of my dreams. That's what this was. You two are trouble with a capitol F!"

Hot Stuff Baby This Evening!
"...usually come here for the gambling, but now have a new favorite reason. You! Thanks, Krissy, for a great time."

Just Gave It A Try...
"...from a first timer, all I can say is thank you! You were so hot and made this so easy. I will call you again honey." 

Really good time for sure!
"I checked the Las Vegas Escorts Blogs site and found you. Sweet! Cute! Funny too! Wish I could take you home with me. Think the wife would like that?"

Escorts Are For Fun!
"Wasn't expecting so much from such a small package. You are one barn burner baby! Thanks for a hot evening. Phew...still steaming!"

Never tried it before...
"Having never tried Las Vegas escorts, I had no idea what was in store. Have to admit, it was a lot of fun. This is something I will remember and do again."

If ever there was a way to have fun!
"Somebody told me long ago to call. I should have taken that advice and not waited. I am so glad I finally did. Really glad! Thank you so much for the fun and relaxing time."

Sometimes it just works.
"You were on time and on the mark. I was ready, ready, and ready! Thanks for making my dreams come true. Twice! ;)"

Are All Vegas Escorts This Cute?
"I had no idea to expect someone so good looking. Thanks for making my business trip so much better and more exciting."

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